Watch Tesla's Rare Video Showing Cybertruck's Giant Updated Windshield

Tesla shares a rare look at Cybertruck’s giant updated windshield in a new video.

Since Cybertruck’s 2019 unveiling, Tesla has teased a number of improvements coming to the all-electric pickup truck. While Musk stated that the production version of the Cybertruck would look very similar to the vehicle’s controversial prototype, he did state that some adjustments have been made to some of the pickup’s components and features, such as its door handles and steering system.

Last month Tesla published a patent application hinting a couple of improvements and updates to its upcoming electric pickup truck.

Thus, Tesla seems to be exploring the idea of using new glass-forming techniques to provide the Cybertruck with an updated windshield design — one that is not as flat as the glass used in the pickup’s prototype.

This updated windshield appears to have been revealed in a recent video from the company. Tesla’s official YouTube channel recently went live with a video explaining the innovations that go into the glass panels used in the company’s vehicles. “And while most of the video seemed to be focused on the Model 3 and Model Y’s glass components, a brief section of the video featured Tesla workers moving a massive piece of glass that is not used in any of the company’s production vehicles today,” writes Joey Klender for Teslarati.

He also says there are some advantages to Tesla not using a flat pane of glass for the Cybertruck’s windshield. “A non-flat panel of glass generally takes damages better, as they do not cave in as easily when struck with road debris or other objects. Tesla’s updated windshield for the Cybertruck still looks quite similar to the glass panel used in the prototype too, so the aesthetics of the vehicle should be kept consistent despite its new glass components,” writes Klender.

A completely flat windscreen could reflect the sun towards oncoming traffic if it is behind the car at twice the angle of the windscreen and blind them.
The reflection on a slightly curved windscreen would be just a narrow line with only a fraction of the total intensity. Therefore, it makes sense to curve it even if just for that.

One thing that we noticed is that the “Cybertruck” glass is asymmetric. one front corner is trimmed off. The cutout could be for a single large wiper blade (like the one on the Semi prototypes).


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