UPnP: Making 277,000 Routers Vulnerable To Eternal Silence Exploits | Cybersecurity News

‘Eternal Silence,’ a malicious campaign, misuses Universal Plug and Play (UPnP). UPnP is a connection protocol that automatically enables various network devices to generate port forwarding entries on the router. This allows remote devices to share a specific software function or device as needed, with minimal user configuration.
However, it is another technology that compromises security for convenience.
According to Akamai researchers, it switches your router into a proxy server which is used to execute malicious attacks while concealing the threat actors’ location.
277,000 of the 3,500,000 UPnP routers detected online are susceptible to UPnProxy, with 45,113 already infiltrated by hackers.
Hackers exploit these holes and result in various issues, such as resource-intensive crypto-miner infections, destructive worm-like cyberattacks that quickly propagate throughout whole corporate networks, or gaining preliminary access to industrial networks.
Defense Techniques against Eternal Silence:
• Disabling UPnP won’t erase existing NAT injections if you’ve found a device infected with Eternal Silence. So, users will have to flash or reset the device.
• Applying the most recent firmware update should also be a top priority because the device maker may have resolved any UPnP implementation problems through a security upgrade.
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