T-Mobile Data Breach: Timeline, Analysis and Lessons Learned

The most recent T-Mobile hack is one of the largest data breaches in US history. 50 million current and former T-Mobile customer records containing social security numbers, driver’s licenses, addresses, and phone numbers have made their way to dark web forums. In this video, we’ll review the timeline of events, as well as what T-Mobile could have done differently to stop this attack from ever occurring.

0:57 – T-Mobile data breach first reported
1:25 – How the attacker hacked T-Mobile
2:08 – T-Mobile confirms 50 million users impacted
2:40 – Alleged attacker speaks with WSJ
3:30 – What went wrong and prevention steps
4:24 – What’s next for impacted users
4:50 – Lifecycle of a data breach
5:10 – Phishing attacks
5:35 – SIM swaps
5:58 – Account takeovers (ATO)

Lifecycle of a data breach:

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