SSD's Cybersecurity News Recap – Windows CVE, CronRAT, IKEA under attack, and Interpol's big bust

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SSD Secure Disclosure brings you the week’s top news headlines and updates. On today’s show, we discuss a Windows Installer elevation of privileges flaw being exploited in the wild, a new remote access Trojan for Linux, IKEA being hit by a reply chain attack, and Interpol arresting over 1000 cybercriminals and seizing 27 million dollars.

0:00 – Intro
0:40 – Windows Installer CVE
1:30 – CronRAT
2:09 – IKEA’s Reply Chain Attack
2:52 – Interpol’s Big Bust
3:27 – Outro

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1. Elevation of Privileges Flaw in Windows Installer

SSD’s Advisory – Windows Installer Elevation of Privileges Vulnerability

2. CronRAT – A New Remote Access Trojan for Linux

3. IKEA Got Hit by a Reply Chain Attack

4. Interpol Arrests Over 1000 Cybercriminals

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