SSD's Cyber Security News Recap – August 12th, 2021

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SSD Secure Disclosure brings you the week’s top news headlines and updates. On today’s show, we discuss a security researcher looks into the Microsoft Exchange Proxylogon vulnerability and finds a whole new attack surface, Microsoft’s new experiment aiming to solve their browser vulnerabilities, a free unofficial patch for the PetitPotam vulnerability and our CVE of the week: Denial of service vulnerabilities in Cobalt Strike.

0:00 – Intro
0:33 – Microsoft Exchange Proxylogon Vulnerability
1:43 – Super Duper Safe Mode
2:58 – The PetitPotam Patch
3:48 – Cobalt Strike DoS
4:59 – Outro

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1. Proxylogon

2. Super Duper Secure Mode

3. PetitPotam

4. CVE of the Week

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