Pamela Gupta and Debbie Reynolds Discusses the 2021 T-Mobile Data Breach

Do you want to know the Cybersecurity and Data Privacy impact of the 2021 T-Mobile Data Breach? Watch the Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Fix webisode with Debbie Reynolds “The Data Diva” CEO & Chief Data Privacy Officer of Debbie Reynolds Consulting, LLC, and Pamela Gupta Global Cybersecurity Privacy Strategist & Technologist CEO of OutSecure Inc Every First Friday of the month. We will discuss important issues that have Data Privacy and Cybersecurity impact. In this video session, we discuss the latest news on the T-Mobile Data Breach, tips that businesses need to know to better prevent the damage of data breaches, the problem of legacy data, third-party data, and avoiding the related cyber and privacy risks. (18 minutes) Enjoy! #cybersecurity #privacy #datasecurity #dataprivacy #dataprotection #datadiva #womenintechnology #Cybersecurity #databreach #tmobile

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