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In keeping with the theme of using current events as a lure for victims to interact with malicious files, a new campaign is using the Olympics to trick victims into running a piece of malware that deletes their files.
The wiper, delivered through malicious emails, targets Microsoft Office files, as well as files created with the Ichitaro Japanese word processor, and TXT, CSV, and LOG files, which often contain passwords, databases, and logs.

The malicious file is an EXE file disguised to look like a PDF, titled [Urgent] Damage report regarding the occurrence of cyberattacks, etc. associated with the Tokyo Olympics.exe. The file also reaches out to the adult video site, XVideos, in what is presumed to be an attempt to convince investigators that the infection came from malware downloaded from porn sites.

Acronis Cyber Protect detects malware like this wiper with its multi-layered detection engines, including AI-powered and behavioral detection, stopping it before your data is lost. The included local and cloud backup solutions also allow for fast recovery of deleted data on unprotected systems.

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