Mike Lindell Is Setting Himself Up For Serious Criminal Charges

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell announced recently that he has put Tina Peters, a Mesa County Clerk from Colorado, into a safe house as federal authorities investigate a serious data breach that involved a password from her office used to get into a voting machine. Peters hasn’t actually been accused of wrongdoing, but hiding her from investigators could easily result in a charge of obstruction of justice for Lindell. Farron Cousins explains what’s happening.

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My pillow CEO, Mike Lindell recently, and now announced that

He is put Tina Peters, a Mesa

County clerk from the state of Colorado

Into what he calls a safe house. He says, oh,

She’s being threatened. She’s being persecuted. She’s being investigated. Which that is true. Uh, so he’s put her in a safe house. He says, he said this at the cyber symposium. He’s reiterated it since then, I believe.

And, uh, yeah,

Mike, if you’re trying to get charged with obstruction of justice, you’re definitely on the right track. Here’s what’s happening in case you’re not familiar with the story. Uh, Ms. Peters again, Mesa county clerk has been a big pusher of the big lie that the election was stolen. And recently it was revealed that a password from her office that is unique to her office may be hers. It may not be, we do not know that yet, for sure. But anyway, that password was actually used in a video to show that a voting machine had been broken into.

And obviously

Since they are able to trace these unique passwords back to her office, prosecutors in Mesa county have now said, well, hold up though, the video that was posted showed your password, how is that even possible? Because you’re sharing during

This video, uh, you haven’t denied it either. So that’s

Another important part of the story. So what the hell is going on here? The FBI has now stepped in to help the Mesa county prosecutors investigate what’s going on. So this is now a federal investigation and Mike Lindell says that he is whisked, Ms. Peters away.

Oh, buddy, look, listen,

Man. The number one thing you do not do when there is an FBI investigation is take away the key witness, possibly the key target. You don’t hide them away from the world because yeah, that’s interfering with a federal investigation at this point now to be clear and to be fair, Michael and Dell could have it and formed the prosecutors and the FBI of where she is giving them total access to her. And if that’s the case, then there’s no problem. If he has offered complete and full access to Tina Peters, if she is still in contact with the prosecutors and they do know where to find her and they can interview her and whatever, then there’s no harm, no foul, right? You’re totally allowed to do that.

But if Lindell

Is doing what he is basically implying that he’s doing or how I take it

For him to be implying and hiding her

Away because he feels she is being politically persecuted,

Then that

Would fall squarely under the realm

Of obstruction of justice. And

If that is the case again, if is the key word there, if that is the case, Michael and Dell might end up being

For obstruction of justice, time

Will tell again, there’s too many unknown variables in this equation. We do not know if Tina Peters is cooperating with the prosecutors. Again, if she is all, this means nothing, right? She’s cooperating. They know where she is. They’ve been able to talk to her. She’s not hiding out from investigators then. Sure. She’s good, Michael, and Dell’s good, no problems at all. But again, the way we interpret Mike Lindell statements, doesn’t exactly seem like he’s making her available. He does believe she is being politically targeted,

Which probably

Means he’s, you know, not wanting her to talk to authorities. So if that’s what you’re doing, Mike, just be aware. You’re putting yourself now in legal jeopardy. And of course, making it seem even more likely that Ms. Peters

Has something to hide. Not good

For either one of you because this investigation’s not going away until they get some answers. And if they’ve got a prosecute you for obstruction of justice in order to do it,

Then I don’t think they will hesitate to make that happen.

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