Hacking with Friends Live: Weekly Security News and Hacking Tools

Join our security researchers as they discuss the latest hacking tools and cyber security news of the past week.

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0:00 Countdown
1:00 Intro
1:45 iPhone Image Search
8:50 Solar Winds Disclosure
11:40 Image Hashs
13:20 Bluetooth Vuln
16:53 Rolling Code Vuln
22:40 Razer Mouse Vuln
25:00 Low-Resolution Image Enhancement
29:46 Clearview AI Lawsuit
31:05 Conti Ransomeware
35:13 Atlassian Vuln
37:05 Hak5 Shoutout
38:21 Single Factor Bad Practices
41:38 OpenSSL Vuln
43:10 Flexible PCBs
45:20 Harvard CS Class
45:55 Google Unionizing
47:24 Apple Employee Slack
48:35 Collin’s Lab
50:15 IoT Security
51:04 Closing Thoughts

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