Hacking with Friends Live: Weekly Security News and Hacking Tools

Join our security researchers as they discuss the latest hacking tools and cyber security news of the past week.

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0:00 Countdown
0:51 Intro
1:30 AR Glasses
4:52 EpikFail Hacktivism
10:52 Update Your Apple Devices
14:06 Ethical Hacking Censorship
20:09 Selling Cyberweapons
24:07 Express VPN
27:35 WiFi Nugget
29:04 Wiggle on Android Phones
30:54 Hak5 Shoutout
34:03 Kali Update and Watch
35:45 Framework Laptop
36:36 Yandex DDoS
37:55 Routers Hacked
41:35 Cloud Security Flaws
45:12 Windows Subsystem for Linux
47:06 Passwordless Microsoft
48:11 More Router Flaws
50:18 Tar Vulnerabilities
52:34 Cloud Project Management Bugs
54:12 Revile Decrypter
55:37 Governors Hacked
56:20 Closing Thoughts

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