Hackers Hold T-Mobile Ransom After ‘Huge Data Breach’ Impacting 100 Million Customers

T-Mobile says it is investigating claims that hackers have stolen a huge trove of user data, following allegations that information was being sold for thousands of pounds on the black market.

An alleged hacker claimed to have access to the personal data of more than 100 million customers, with data available in batches to buyers willing to pay in Bitcoin.

The breach, which is said to affect T-Mobile USA customers, has reportedly seen private information including social security numbers, phone numbers and addresses sold to private bidders, with the hackers also offering the social security numbers and driver’s licence information of 30 million users to clients willing to pay 6 Bitcoin – around $270,000 – for the data via an underground forum.

According to the VICE, the hacker claimed to have ‘T-Mobile USA. Full customer info’ available for sale, although the source of the information was not made public on the forum.


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