Hack back attack? | Blue Team Tools, News, and AMA | Tipsy Cyber Ep. 9

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This is the End-of-the-Week cyber security review show, where we have a drink, introduce the big news topics, and then discuss a particular subject; usually requested by the community. The aim is to do a weekly networking style social with Q and A with someone that has experience in blue, purple, and red team operations.

Coming up! THIS WEEK we have:
1. First North Korean National Brought to the United States to Stand Trial for Money Laundering Offenses
2. Google’s top security teams unilaterally shut down a counterterrorism operation
3. Swiss Cyber Security Firm Says It Accessed Servers of a SolarWinds Hacking Group

Big shout out to the Cyber Insecurity community, a positive place to discuss all cyber and technology topics, including career mentoring. As part of the community, I also do a weekly stream called Tipsy Cyber at 8 PM EST on the channel. Grab a drink, bring your questions, and hang out while we talk about the cyber security related news of the week, introduce a new topic, or subject, and do a rolling AMA.

If you have specific questions or want to spend some time discussing things, come join the Cyber Insecurity Discord community.

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