FLASH NEWS ! Cyber Threat ! News 12.09.2021

With the help of a software (actually a gox) you can call any person from any number. I just checked it and it works. I did not call 050 111 11 11 in the picture. This is the “Search Identity” type. you call someone else with the number of the person you want. For example, you get a call from your father. Or you get a call from the police, the bank, but he is a criminal behind the scenes. XB In this way, people are deceived and information is obtained. The downside of the heat is that with this addition the sasi also changes. There are already attacks with this method in Azerbaijan. These additional cases have been closed by the state. However, you can use a VPN. The program works completely globally. Not a problem for local operators. It is a known global problem in the telecommunications sector. The way out of the situation is not to tell anyone on the phone. Of course, do not ask me. I’m not going to tell anyone about the curse of the spread. Follow and protect what is written in Agagida. 1 No matter who makes the rest of the call, do not divulge your personal information. This is your bank account number, your mother’s maiden name, secret code and other information. 2 Do not respond to galen goruntulé calls by engaging in immoral intimate acts. It is best not to answer those calls in public.

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