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Time for another cybersecurity news recap! July was quite intense, so we’ve picked some essential cybersecurity events that took place last month. Check our cybersecurity news in the video above.



00:00 Intro
00:14 The NSO Group targeted around 50,000 people with the Pegasus spyware
00:43 Hackers used a wiper to attack Iranian train system
1:06 Uber is found to have interfered with the privacy of 1.2 million Australians
1:27 The US officially accused China of cyberattacks
1:52 REvil, Russia’s most aggressive ransomware group, disappeared
2:11 Human Rights International + NordVPN partnership


July faced quite a lot on the cybersecurity front. The Pegasus spyware targeted around 50,000 journalists, activists, state people, and their families, while hackers also managed to hack Iran’s train system. There were some positive events, too: REvil, one of Russia’s most aggressive ransomware groups, shut down its operations, while NordVPN joined hands with Human Rights International in their fight against restrictive regimes and tyranny.


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