Cyber Security weekly Hacker News for November 8 – November 15 2021

Cyber Security weekly Hacker News for November 8 – November 15 2021
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01:03 Experts spotted a phishing campaign impersonating security firm Proofpoint
03:11 BazarLoader ‘call me back’ attack abuses Windows 10 Apps mechanism
06:36 HTML Smuggling technique used in phishing and malspam campaigns
08:41 Intel and AMD address high severity vulnerabilities in products and drivers
10:07 A flaw in WP Reset PRO WordPress plugin allows wiping the installation DB
11:38 Citrix addresses a critical flaw in ADC, Gateway
12:35 Microsoft Patch Tuesday security updates for November 2021 fix 2 Zero-Days actively exploited
14:19 Taiwan Government faces 5 Million hacking attempts daily
15:40 Hundreds of thousands of fake warnings of cyberattacks sent from a hacked FBI email server
16:59 GravityRAT returns disguised as an end-to-end encrypted chat app
18:38 New evolving Abcbot DDoS botnet targets Linux systems
20:00 Retail giant Costco discloses data breach, payment card data exposed
21:04 Experts found 14 new flaws in BusyBox, millions of devices at risk
22:49 macOS Zero-Day exploited in watering hole attacks on users in Hong Kong
24:57 BotenaGo botnet targets millions of IoT devices using 33 exploits
27:03 Threat actors hacked a server of a Queensland water supplier and remained undetected for 9 months
28:11 Iranian threat actors attempt to buy stolen data of US organizations, FBI warns
29:50 CVE-2021-3064: Easily exploitable RCE flaw in Palo Alto Networks in GlobalProtect VPN
30:54 Sophisticated Android spyware PhoneSpy infected thousands of Korean phones
32:01 VMware discloses a severe flaw in vCenter Server that has yet to fix
33:07 TeamTNT group targets poorly configured Docker servers exposing REST APIs
35:41 Robinhood data breach exposes 7 Million users’ information
36:51 Clop gang exploiting CVE-2021-35211 RCE in SolarWinds Serv-U in recent attack
39:13 Ransomware attack disrupted store operations in the Netherlands and Germany
41:06 Nation-state actors target critical sectors by exploiting the CVE-2021-40539 flaw
43:39 New Magecart group uses an e-Skimmer that avoids VMs and sandboxes
45:11 Malicious Phantom, MetaMask cryptowallets are on the prowl to drain victim funds.
46:58 Cyberattackers stole PS5 root keys and exploited the kernel, revealing rampant insecurity in gaming devices.
47:53 PhoneSpy: The App-Based Cyberattack Snooping South Korean Citizens
50:44 Magniber ransomware gang now exploits Internet Explorer flaws in attacks
51:58 International law enforcement arrested REvil ransomware affiliates in Romania and Kuwait
52:41 US DoS offers a reward of up to $10M for leaders of REvil ransomware gang
54:20 Hungarian official confirms Hungary used NSO Group Pegasus spyware
55:24 FBI warns of fraudulent schemes using cryptocurrency ATMs and QR for payments
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