Cyber Security Global Summit 2021 DAY 1 – Entry-level track

Mastering DevSecOps and Security Operations in 2021

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The world is changing enormously fast, and so do the cybersecurity threats and issues.

To stay up to date and be ready for the newest security challenges – using clouds, scaling the user’s remote access, apply the most actual and relevant security standards – one has to upgrade their knowledge as often as possible

We’ve gathered world-class security specialists to share their experience, best practices, and special approaches to problem-solving.

00:00:00 Starting soon!
00:25:45 Intro by Ed Nedin and Anna Sakharnatska
00:36:20 The Future of Security: Community & Collaboration
01:03:43 Rage Alongside The Machines – Practical Advice for Automating Investigation and Response
01:36:00 Break
01:55:52 Understanding Cyber Risks in 20 mins – for CEOs and Boards
02:12:30 Q&A Session with Carlota Sage
02:38:00 Break
02:45:00 How to get your first job in Cyber Security?
03:27:15 Designing Secure Applications in the Cloud
03:51:26 Security Predictions: Where is the Security Industry Going Next?
04:16:52 Q&A Session with Prince Barpaga, Adora Nwodo and Dan Lohrmann
04:44:20 Break
04:57:03 Security and UX hand in hand
05:55:46 Source Code Analysis for Application Security
06:13:38 Break
06:33:56 Build your first Cyber Forensic application using Python
07:06:21 Automating Security with GitHub Actions
07:37:30 [email protected] (in)s3cur1ty!
08:12:58 Performing network segmentation to secure digital substation communications
08:47:37 Q&A Session with Gajendra Deshpande, Ayush Priya, Will Hunt and Alexey Ivanov

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