CIO News | Fortinet | Episode 3: Cyber Security in the rapidly changing times

CIO News | Fortinet | Episode 3: Cyber Security in the rapidly changing times

Akshay Garkel | Partner & Leader – Cyber | Grant Thornton Bharat LLP in conversation with Alain Sanchez | EMEA CISO Senior Evangelist | Fortinet & Khushbu Soni | Host, Chief Editor | CIO News

Catch Akshay Garkel talking about how pandemic has affected cyber-security and how his company is re-assessing cyber-security. He spoke about the best practices for securing the work-from-home environment. He said about the practices to be followed to measure the supply chain risk.

He also said:

“We had organisations adopt a fair bit of cloud in terms of increased cloud adoption”

“It was important to make sure that there is adequate amount of security embedded
within the endpoints”

“Once you build your baseline, build your framework, and then essentially how do you start maintaining, managing and sustaining it, that’s very critical”

Alain Sanchez said:

“There has to have a holistic approach of cyber-security. The days are gone where we could pick up a point solution for a given era of cyber-security”

“The threat has changed sophistication and magnitude”

“It’s by unit of seconds the density of information that come in and out your network that you have to deal with”

“Ransom-ware for instance, which is still the biggest threat that in volume we have to deal with has switched from broad attacks to company targeted attacks”

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