Online reputation and risk management

The world is in a digital era, which means that reputation management is an essential aspect to any business. Any organization with an eye on growth has to have an eye on their public image.

Your business needs to generate and then keep a positive image all the time. An effective reputation online means paving the way to partnerships with your current customers and even drawing in prospects.

Managing your reputation online involves many factors, has tremendous benefits, can use many different techniques, and always stands to benefit from professional help.

What Is Your Google Reputation?

Your Google reputation is really nothing more than what people are saying about your company online. This can be:

  • Customer ratings of your business
  • Reviews of specific products and services
  • Feedback about certain experiences or transactions
  • YouTube videos, blog entries, or even podcasts reviewing your entire organization

Managing all this protects your online image. You can possibly even create your own positive image. This incorporates a combination of:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Public relations strategy
  • Marketing efforts

Online content is always changing. That means what is said online about your brand can shift quickly, and changes in your brand’s perception among consumers can also shift really fast too.

You need to identify what people online are saying about you. If it’s negative, then you need to deal with it so you can avoid losing business sales and leads.

Benefits of Online Risk and Reputation Management

Carefully monitoring and managing your reputation online has many benefits, including the following:

  1. Credibility: Most consumers prefer spending money with brands they know and trust.
  2. Brand Image: Negative words spoken about a business spread faster than positive ones. Build your brand to combat this.
  3. Boost Your Sales: Most consumers look online before shopping. Harness this. Control what they see.
  4. Build Trust: Consumer trust is essential to your brand’s survival. Create a high online reputation to earn it.
  5. Better SERPs: Positive reviews can go viral and generate attention that boost your search engine rankings.
  6. Cost-Efficient Marketing: Positive recommendations are like word-of-mouth advertising in how effective they are.
  7. Attract Talent: Employment candidates prefer sending applications to businesses with a great reputation.
  8. Generate Great Returns: Investors, banks, and even other organizations are going to judge you online before they do business with you.

Online Reputation Management Techniques

Given the constantly changing and always online nature of the digital era, your organization has to not only monitor your reputation online at all times but you also must maintain ongoing operations to manage things. Assume that the following six steps will be regular operations for your brand:

  1. Include Reputational Risk in Your Strategic Planning: Reputation has a tremendous impact on your success. Explore it to find strengths and weaknesses in your organization, and set warning indicators for various attributes that let you know when it is time to take action.
  2. Create Control Process: The right policies and procedures, along with technology and standardization, will minimize how often events happen that can lead to reputational damage. At the least, they’ll also reduce the severity of such events.
  3. Remember That Every Action Has a Consequence: Upper-level management and board members need to remember that any action can impact public perception. Mid-level managers must always lead with promoting positive messaging, and any employee has to do all they can to influence public perceptions positively at all times.
  4. Understand What the Expectations of Stakeholders Are: If you actually know what they are, then you can have a simpler time meeting them. Learn what is expected of your organization from employees, customers, and other shareholders. Then, make sure that managers and leaders do all they can to satisfy this set of concerns.
  5. Emphasize Positivity: Positivity has to be the order of the day in both imagery and communication. Consistency is key to accumulating effective public perception and reducing the damage of future negative incidents. Continual growth and communication, along with transparency internally and externally, build up your reservoir of good will.
  6. Formulate Contingencies: Bad days are going to happen. Your brand needs to be already prepared to not just respond but do so promptly and professionally. Every moment that passes by is crucial and can lessen public respect for your brand.

Turn to Professional Help

Managing your reputation online is so crucial to modern success that it makes sense to have professionals watching over you. Sam Tilston is the CEO of Awesome Resources. He personally has more than 20 years of experience in managing cyber security and reputations online.

Awesome Resources offers:

  • Online Risk Management
  • Online Crisis Management
  • Online Reputation Management

They’ve been operating for more than a decade serving multiple Fortune 500 companies along the way with risk-free methods and a business model based on success. Their multi-lingual services can clear your search engine reputation in any location or language.

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