Mortal Kombat’s producer says the movie’s violence is ‘like Bambi’ compared to the games

The recent trailer for the upcoming movie adaptation of Mortal Kombat makes the film look extremely violent. In one scene, Mortal Kombat icon Sub-Zero slices an opponent’s arm with a sword, freezes the resulting blood splatter into a dagger, and uses that blood dagger to stab his foe. But in an interview this week, producer Todd Garner told The Verge that the movie’s violence isn’t nearly as over-the-top as it is in the classic game series.

“Compared to the game, we’re like Bambi,” says Garner. “We’re like a G-rated movie compared to the game. The game is just incredibly operatic in terms of the violence, and the Motion Picture Association of America would never let us do that much violence.”

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