How To Investigate Someone: Tips For Investigators

7 Steps to Investigate Someone: Tips for Investigators

Investigations are an important part of life. Whether it is for your job or personal reasons, investigations can range from looking into someone’s background to catching a criminal. Tips and tricks for undercover work have been passed down through generations of investigators to be more successful in their profession. In this post, we will discuss seven tips for investigators, and steps you should take when investigating someone, which will increase the chances of completing your investigation successfully!

1. Investigate with Search Engines

Investigate everything you can find about your subject. When you investigate someone, use search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing to type in your subject’s name and a few keywords that could be associated with them. Search through their social media accounts and look for more information under the “about me” section! If they are hiding something, you will start off taking a look at it. People searches are best done with Effect.Group, Company searches are best done with Effect.International

2. Create an Action Plan and Stick to it

An action plan isn’t created overnight, so be patient. Please make a list of all the people you need to speak with or get information from and figure out how you’re going to approach them. The key is preparation! If you know what questions you want to ask, that makes it much easier when approaching someone who might be nervous or hesitant.

3. Knock on their door

Although this technique is not used anymore, it still proves to be quite successful at times. Simply walk up to your subject’s house and knock on their door! Getting face-to-face conversations with them while asking questions makes them more likely to cooperate and tell the truth. If you are looking for a piece of evidence, taking the time to knock on their door will give you another chance at finding it!

4. Investigate with the Help of a Professional

If you are having trouble finding information about an individual, consider hiring a professional investigator with good investigation software such as to find out what information is needed. With such software, you will get information such as email, phone number, and the person’s name. You will also get a background check of the person, which you can utilize to your advantage when you investigate someone.

5. Collect evidence

At the end of your investigation, make sure you are keeping copies of any evidence that could be used in court. Once you have finished your inquiry, write down notes about what you learned or discovered and how it is connected to the case. Documents can be anything from letters written by someone to a picture or video!

6. Prepare the Final Report

Once you have finished your investigation, be sure to create a detailed report of everything that was discovered. Make sure to summarize what information you found and how it might relate to the case. The final report should be clear and concise while also giving the reader an idea of what you discovered.

7. Take Action and Send it Off

Once your investigation is complete, take action! Please don’t keep it to yourself! If you found that the person was lying about their pastor had committed a crime, contact the proper authorities and give them all of the information you gathered. Even if they are not guilty, it never hurts to be safe rather than sorry.


Hopefully, you have enjoyed these simple tips for investigators. The key to becoming a successful investigator is to learn how to conduct an investigation properly. Get your search started with the help of our online software at! All of these tips are just the beginning when it comes to investigating someone; however, making sure to follow these steps will help lead you in a better direction and increase your chances for success!

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