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What’s new in Cyber Security News?

Most people don’t think about hacks the way they think about car accidents or other manmade mishaps. But the truth is that in today’s world, hacks aren’t a question of if; they’re a matter of when. Windows 10 April 2018 Update to have slightly slower performance A Geekbench performance test run on a Dell Precision T3800. China-based company launches world’s most powerful semiconductor The chip would be among the most powerful and fastest in the world and will use the A11 Bionic to handle advanced AI functions. Google announces security improvements for G Suite Enterprise To help customers take advantage of new security features and to improve their protection levels, Google is releasing an updated security review and guidance tool for Google G Suite Enterprise Edition.

Cyber Security NewsWhat’s next?

Instead of scrambling to analyse malware signatures or identifying new exploits and zero days, it’s easier to focus on big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence to stay one step ahead of the bad guys.

Cyber Security NewsThe Big Picture

This curated site is updated daily and acts as a one-stop-shop for essential cybersecurity news. It curates the best sources of news for the technical and security professional with detailed analysis, insightful opinion and regularly updated on all the latest cybersecurity developments. Cyber Security News: Is It True? This curated site provides cyber security news and analysis on the latest industry and company developments, including a comprehensive blacklist of spammy sites. Cyber Security News: How To Protect Your Network This curated site provides cyber security news, analysis, opinion and advice for IT and security professionals on best practices to keep their networks and data secure.

Cyber Security NewsThe Skills You Need

This comprehensive guide focuses on the most important cybersecurity training and certifications to help you meet the toughest challenges you’ll face.

Cyber Security NewsThe Tools You Use

A state-of-the-art technology that allows you to keep a watchful eye on your devices in real time. Apps To Manage Data This guide is perfect for people who have devices that they want to control remotely. IT Security Software This guide helps you find the best security software for your digital life. Protecting And Recovering Data Protecting and recovering data requires a strategy that begins with an analysis of your business processes. Digital Security Challenges These scenarios show how vulnerabilities may open the door to cyber-attacks. Mobile Security Threats These scenarios show how security threats could impact the way you experience your mobile apps.

Cyber Security NewsThe Threat Landscape

The Cyber Threat Landscape Key findings of our Global Threat Landscape Report: Q2 2018 — Hacken (@Hacken) August 9, 2018 Intel Security Innovation Award Awarded to the best ideas and products in cybersecurity. We applaud innovative security products and solutions that show creativity, ingenuity and diligence. We’re proud to recognize the exceptional work of this year’s winners of the Intel Security Innovation Award. — Intel Security (@IntelSecurity) June 21, 2018 Cyberthreats We’ll Soon See Kim Zetter, in The New York Times: “Insecure Computers Will Likely Be As Common As Severe Weather.” “Our computer systems are vulnerable to disaster. A meteorite could smash them into pieces. A cyber attack could render them useless.

Cyber Security NewsThe Future of Cyber Security

Cyber Security News is your source for keeping you up to date with the cyber world. Cyber Security News features current headlines on the latest threat investigations, expert analysis on the threats facing businesses and individuals, and in-depth analysis of the global threat landscape.

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